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The West Coast is a region of the Western Cape province in South Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Swartland region on the east.  The N7 freeway , Cape Town to Namibia route, forms the eastern border of this region.


 The region stretches for over 400 km from north to south and is well known for its scenic beauty and fertile fishing grounds.  The region's main nature reserve is the West Coast National Park.
The West Coast is renown for its endless natural beauty.  It has an abundance of secret beaches which are perfect for pick nicks and braais.  It is also the region known mostly for its abundant wildflowers - the area is knows as the best wild flower spotting area in South Africa.  Most of the natural environment of this area has remained beautifully preserved and has many traditional fishing villages.


The west coast of South Africa, is affected by the Benguela Current, which cools the sea and makes the climate arid with an annual rainfall of below 350 mm (and closer towards Namibia it drops even below 200 mm. Rainfall, although scarce, occurs in winter months.

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