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This area is commonly referred to as the Namkwa Region or Namaqualand. It is an arid region of southern Africa, which stretches from Namibia in the North and along the western coast of South Africa .  Namakwaland is divided by the Orange River into two portions – the Little Namaqualand to the south and the Great Namaqualand to the north.  As we are only focusing on camp sites in South Africa, the listing of camping sites on this page only includes the camping sites within the Little Namakwaland,  which are located to the south of the Orange River.

Nature at its Best

The western section of the Namakwa Region is dominated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.  This area is renown for it's annual flower season.  Between approximately August and October each year, this part of the Namakwa explodes in a  profusion of wild flowers.  When the Namakwa Daisy starts to bloom, it marks the beginning of the spring,while the end of the season is marked by the purple vygies coming into bloom.  This amazing natural display makes the area very popular with local and international tourists.

Towns and Villages

The area along the Atlantic seaboard is dotted with many small villages and fishing towns.  A vibrant fishing industry exists in these towns, with Port Noloth being the largest.  One of the most popular coastal towns in this area is Hondeklipbaai (Dog Stone Bay).  According to locals, the town derived its name from a large rock located just outside the town.  When looking at it from a specific angle, the rock looks like a sitting dog (some imagination may be required though).

A large number of towns in this area developed due to the discovery of copper, lead, zinc and silver.  This includes the town of Springbok, which is the largest town in this area.  Further north along the Orange River, the discovery of diamonds lead to the development of various towns, including Alexander Bay,  Oranjemund (on the Namibian side)  and Kleinzee.

Main Road

The main through road, the N7, traverses this region and connects Cape Town to Namibia.  The border posts are at Vioolsdrift, where a bridge spans the Orange River, making this the most popular place to cross into Namibia;  and Sendelingsdrift, where a newly renovated ferry brings visitors across the border.

To the west of the N7 lies the Namaqua National Park.  This conservation area is known for its rich and diverse succulent plants.  This area has the highest concentration of succulent plants in the world.  It is also estimated that there are more than a thousand endemic species of succulents in this area.


Afrikaans is the most spoken language in this region. The area also has major cultural and historical significance, as the traditional African Koisan and Nama people originate from this region.  There are a number of villages and tourist attractions which  preserve and showcase the ancient traditions and skills of these tribes.

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