Northern Cape – Kalahari

Map Kalahari - Northern Cape

Northern Cape - Kalahari


The Kalahari area forms the most northern edge of the Northern Cape.  It stretches southwards down from the border of Botswana and south of the N14 highway.  The eastern edge forms the border with the North West Province.  To the west it stretches to just beyond Van Zylsrus.


This area can best be described as the most arid region within South Africa.  Many people believe that this region consists of mainly desert, however, technically it is classified as a semi-desert region.  When looking at the red rolling dunes, it is easy to believe that you are truly in the desert. The Kalahari, derived it's name from the Tswana language and means ‘great thirst’ or ‘waterless place’.


Roads within this area are very sparse.  The main through road is the N14 , which connects Johannesburg via Upington to the border of Namibia.  At Kuruman, there is a turnoff towards the north and the border with Botswana and a southerly route towards Askam.  Other than these main roads,  sand roads are the order of the day.  4x4 vehicles are a must when leaving the main thoroughfares.

Vast vistas

Be enchanted by the vast vistas of unbroken sand dunes dotted with the occasional acacia tree.  At night, let your eyes wander to the heavens and revel in the amazing sights of a sky lit by an abundance of stars and distant galaxies.

Towns and Villages

Kuruman is the largest town in the area.  with Van Zylsrus making up the nest largest town.  Settlements are very few and far between.

What to expect

This region offers visitors vast plains, endless vistas, majestic sand dunes, crystal-clear air, spectacular night skies, game, birds and a stark natural environment that will forever remain etched into your consciousness.

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Northern Cape - Kalahari

Listing of Camp and Caravan Sites

Below is a listing of camping and caravan sites in the Kalahari Region of the Northern Cape Province.
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Cullinan Guest Farm - Kuruman

Cullinan Guest Farm

De Hoop Rest Camp - De Hoop

De Hoop Camp Site

Erin Game Ranch Camp Site - Rietfontein

Erin Game Ranch

Kalahari Trails - Upington

Kalahari Trails

Kgalagadi Lodge - Twee Rivieren

Kgalagadi Lodge

Kokerboomkloof Camp - Richtersberg

Kokerboomkloof Camp Site

Leeupan Bush Camp - Van Zylsrus


Loch Broom Paradys - Rietfontein

Loch Broom Paradys

Loch Maree Bush Camp - Rietfontein

Loch Maree Bush Camp

Loch Maree Field Camp - Rietfontein

Loch Maree Field Camp

Oppiknoppi Guest Farm - Kuruman


Potjiespram Rest Camp - Sendelingsdrift

Potjiespram Rest Camp

Richtersberg Camp - De Hoop

Richtersberg Camp Site

Sendelingsdrift Rest Camp - Sendelingsdrift

Sendlingsdrif Rest Ramp

Shomatobe Lodge - Kuruman


Soetvlakte Guest Farm - Kuruman


Springbokpan Bush Camp - McCarthy's Rest - Kalahari

Springbokpan Bush Camp

Springbokpan Kraal Camp - McCarthy's Rest

Springbokpan Kraal Camp

Thota Lodge - Kuruman

Thota Lodge

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Zoutpanputz - Rietfontein


Listing of Tented Camps

Below is a listing of Camp Sites that have pre-built Tents in the Kalahari Region of the Northern Cape Province.
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Erin Game Ranch Tented Camp - Rietfontein

Erin Game Ranch

Kalahari Trails Tented Camp- Upington

Kalahari Trails

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