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The area bordering Namibia and Botswana in the northern section of the Northern Cape is often referred to as the "Green Kalahari'.  It is bisected by the Orange River.  The northern boundary runs along the border with Botswana, while the southern border lies just north of Carnarvon.  The city of Kimberly forms the eastern border.  The Riemvasmaak conservation area falls within the western boundary, which then extends southwards to include the town of Kenhardt.


This region is defined by its vast contrasts.  The area is a mainly semi-desert region with large, sparse spaces with very little vegetation.  However, the Orange River creates a green oasis where lush greenery and extensive agriculture offer a respite from the surrounding dryness.  The spectacular Augrabies Falls, a 56m waterfall which plunges through impressive granite boulders, can be found within this region.  From the vast green valley of the Orange River to the north and the south, the region becomes very dry.  The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park lies along it's northern boundary.  The park is famous for it's harsh landscape and abundance of wild life.

Main Roads

Upington, the largest town within this region and forms the intersection point of the N10 and the N14.  The N10 connects to the border with Namibia in the north-west and then connects in a south-easterly direction to the city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  The N14 runs eat to west and connects the town of Springbok in the west to Pretoria and Johannesburg in the east.


The area has such a diverse ecology that it can cater for all tastes and holiday destinations.  There are large area of undisturbed semi-arid regions for those visitors wishing to experience the tranquility of the open plains of the semi-desert.  Game viewing is also very high on the agenda in this area. The Kgalagadi Transfronteir Park allows visitors an opportunity to experience all that Africa has to offer. Game drives, hiking trails and star gazing are just some of the activities on offer within this region.

For the more adventurous, there is white water rafting on the Orange River, camel or horse back riding, parasailing and micro-lighting.

The region also caters for those travelers seeking more civilized options.  There are many historic sites to explore or wine tasting on the wine farms that area located on the the banks of the Orange River.  This area has the ability to satisfy every traveler's needs and with choices to spare.


Historically this area was the hunting grounds of the traditional San people.  These nomadic hunter-gatherer tribesmen developed a vast knowledge of the area, its plants and wild life.  Some of their unique artifacts can still be found within this region. The traditional ways of the San people has been preserved within the Riemvasmaak area and areas along the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park.

Towns and Villages

Upington is the largest town within this region.  This is a large, well established town with all the modern conveniences a traveler could wish for.  There are smaller towns dotted along the major routes, such as Kakamas and Keimoes.  Kenhardt is a small town worth visiting for it's preserved San villages and historic sites.

What to expect

You can be expect to be amazed by the contrasts of this region.  The juxtaposition of dry semi-desert and the fertility of the Orange River Valley are a sight to behold.  On the one hand there are the vast, dry stretches of open plains and semi-desert vistas dotted with game and the occasional kokerboom.  On the other hand there is the green and luscious valley along the Orange River.  The contrasting cultures from the traditional San people to the modern facilities of Upington are very noticeable.  The region can really be described as "the land of contrast.... where less is more".

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