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North West - Southern Region

The North West Province lies, as its name implies, in the north west of South Africa. The province is bounded by Botswana to the north and northwest, by the Limpopo Province to the northeast, by the Gauteng Province to the east, by the Free State Province to the southeast and by the Northern Cape to the southwest.  Its capital city is Mahikeng.

The area occupies the relatively flat interior plateau of southern Africa.  Savanna and thornveld biomes predominate this region.  The Magaliesberg mountains are located in the northeast of the region and the crater of a long extinct volcano in the north make for interesting geological formations.


Expect balmy and hot conditions when you visit this region in summer, with morning temperatures around 17 degrees and a mid-day heat over 30 degrees.  Winder days are icy in the morning, with temperatures dropping down to 3 degrees, but rising during the day to a very pleasant 21 degrees.

Rainfall in the area totals about 360mm per annum with almost all if it falling during the summer months between October and April.


Maize and groundnuts are grown throughout the province.  Sunflowers are also grown extensively throughout the central region and their colour will bring joy to any traveller.  Tobacco, wheat and citrus fruit are also grown in the northeast.

Mining is also plays an important economic role in this province.  Diamonds, chromite, platinum and uranium are mined here.  The southern region of the province around the town of Klerksdorp falls within the goldfields region.


When visiting the North West you will be not disappointed.  The region is blessed with untamed bushveld and numerous National Parks and Game Reserves.  Visitors who enjoy spending time outdoors can look forward to viewing the Big Five, numerous hiking trails, fishing and water sports.  The magnificent vistas in this region will enchant any visitor.

Those looking for some alternative entertainment should make a point of visiting Sun City for some gambling, shows, great kids entertainment and various culinary indulgences.  Alternatively, make a point of visiting any of the magnificent golf courses in the region or take the time to explore the history of the region with some visits to cultural heritage sites and museum visits.

Map area

The map of the North West province has been divided into three sections for ease of reference.  The southern section extends southwards from the N14 towards Eastern Cape and Free State provinces.

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North West - Southern Region

Listing of Camp and Caravan Sites

Below is a listing of camping and caravan sites in the Southern Region of the North West Province.
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Apiesdeel Fishing Resort - Christiana


078-718-5460 / 081-013-9657

Berakah Eco Trails - Parys

082-339-9177 / 082-598-0559

Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve - Bloemhof

Bloemhof Dam

Club Louico - Potchefstroom

Club Louico

Delareyville Caravan Park - Delareyville


052-948-0900 / 083-250-4334

Die Hoek Resort - Bloemhof

Die Hoek

072-436-7030 / 079-528-5603

Die Sinkdak - Bloemhof

Die Sinkdak

Dome Adventures - Venterskroon

Dome Adventures

Drosty Overnight and Caravan Park - Potchefstroom

Drostdy Overnight
018-290-5624 / 082-920-9655

Faan Meintjies Nature Reserve - Klerksdorp

Faan Meintjies


Kedu River Lodge Camp - Lindequesdrif

Kedu River

Online booking

Klerksdorp Dam Holiday Resort - Klerksdorp

Klerksdorp Dam

Klipdas Bush Camp - Lindequesdrif


Klipdrift Dam Lakeview Holiday Resort - Potchefstroom

Lakeview Resort
018-290-1104 / 074-325-1228

Klipspruit Resort Bush Camp - Leeudoringstad

Klipspruit River Resort
072-858-5486 / 072-692-3792

Klipspruit Resort Caravan Park - Leeudoringstad

Klipspruit River Resort
072-858-5486 / 072-692-3792

Limerick Lodge Camp - Vredefort

Limerick Lodge

Lumana Resort - Leeudoringstad

Lumana Resort

Oord Nebo Resort - Potchefstroom

Oord Nebo Resort

Pigmy Lodge - Delareyville

Pigmy Lodge
083-734-4615 / 073-566-0077

Potchefstroom Dam - Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom Dam


Raaswater River Lodge - Potchefstroom

Raaswater Lodge

Rapoeli Overnight - Delareyville

Rapoeli Overnight

Rietspruit Dam Holiday Resort - Ventersdorp

Rietspruitdam Resort

River View Resort Camp - Bloemhof

River View Resort

079-373-5461 / 082-857-3363

Suikerbos Nature Reserve - Potchefstroom

Suikerbos Resort

082-484-8150 / 018-737-5388

Tau Roara Lodge - Klerksdorp

Tau Roara

Online booking
018-571-0233 / 083-273-4129

Tokkelosbos Bush Camp - Potchefstroom


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Venterskroon Camp Site - Venterskroon


018-293-2672 / 082-299-4887

Weltevrede Holiday Resort - Potchefstroom

Weltevrede Resort
056-818-1291 / 082-737-9196

Wolwespruit Nature Reserve - Leeudoringstad

Wolwespruit Reserve

Listing of Tented Camps

Below is a listing of Camp Sites that have pre-built Tents in the Southern Region of the North West Province.
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Inyala Game Reserve Tented Camp - Ventersdorp

Inyala Game Lodge

Kedu River Lodge Teepee Camp - Lindequesdrif

Kedu River Lodge

Online booking

Limerick Lodge Tented Camp - Vredefort

Limerick Lodge

River View Resort Tented Camp - Bloemhof

River View Resort

079-373-5461 / 082-857-3363

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