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Kwazulu Natal - Northern Region


Kwazulu Natal is known as "the garden province", and anybody visiting this beautiful province will agree with this statement.  The province is located in the southeast of the country, enjoying a long shoreline on the Indian Ocean .  It shares its borders with three other provinces, and three countries   Pietermaritzburg is the capital city, whilst Durban is the largest city in the province.

The northern region is bordered by the Free State Province and the Limpopo Province to the North.  The N11 and N3 freeways form the western boundary of the region.  To the east, the N2 freeways demarcates the eastern border of the region, all the way southwards until the N3 and the N2 freeway meet in Durban.


Most of this region can be classified as part of the Natal Midlands.  This area is defined by the undulating hilly plateaus.  The area is lush and green, perfect pasture land for cattle.  The Midlands Meander in this region is a profusion of accommodation, art and crafts, leisure activities and leisure stops that will enthral tourists and visitors to the region.


Here the traveller can expect hot and wet days during summer with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius.  In winter the temperatures drop dramatically, and although it remains relatively dry, frost and snow can occur.


Many travellers from Gauteng rush along the N3 freeway in order to arrive at the coastal town of Durban or any of the many coastal towns along the Indian Ocean coastline.  Sadly many are so determined to reach their ocean holidays that many are unaware of the special beauty of this area.  The green undulating hills and pastures are definitely worth the visits.  There are also many historical battlefields and museums worth visiting here.  The peace and quiet of this region will regenerate the soul and refresh the spirit.

What to expect

You can be expect to be enchanted by the rolling hills and fam lands of this region.  This area is rich in  historical value and definitely worth exploring.

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Kwazulu Natal - Central Region

Listing of Camp and Caravan Sites

Below is a listing of camping and caravan sites in the Central Region of the Kwazulu Natal Province.
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Battlefields Caravan Park - Dundee

Battlefields Caravan Park

034-632-1723 / 084-510-3430

Bivane Dam Bush Camp - Paulpietersburg

Bivane Dam
083-283-8291 / 078-802-3329

Bivane Dam Camp - Paulpietersburg

Bivane Dam
083-283-8291 / 078-802-3329

Blood River Caravan Park - Dundee

Blood River Caravan Park

Bushwillow Park - Howick

Bushwillow Park

Chelmsford Nature Reserve - Normandien

Chelmsford Nature Reserve

Ekukhanyeni Farm House and Camping - Pietermaritzburg



Gooderson Natal Spa Hot Springs - Paulpietersburg

Gooderson Natal Spa

Harold Johnson - Stanger

Harold Johnson

Ithala Game Reserve Ntshondwe Camp - Louwsburg

Ithala Game Reserve

Ivala Guest Lodge - Muden

Ivala Guest Lodge

Kwa Rie Caravan Park - Dundee

Kwa Rie Caravan Park

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La Belle Esperance Adventure Camp - Volksrust

La Belle Esperance


Midmar Dam Morgenson Camp - Howick

Midmar Dam - Morgenzon Camp

Midmar Dam Monroe Bay Camp - Howick

Midmar Dam - Munroe Bay

Mountain View Entertainment - Pietermaritzburg

Mountain View Entertainment

Msinsi Albert Falls Resort - Pietermaritzburg

Msinsi Albert Falls

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Msinsi Bon Accorde Resort - Pietermaritzburg

Msinsi Bon Accorde

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Msinsi Hazelmere Dam Resort - Verulam

Msinsi Hazelmere Dam

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Msinsi Inanda Dam Resort - Hillcrest

Msinsi Inanda Dam

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Msinsi Nagle Dam Resort - Pietermaritzburg

Msinsi Nagle Dam

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079-500-3189/ 063-346-9482

Ovaflo Resort - Pietermaritzburg

Ovaflo Resort

Thangami Safari Spa - Vryheid

Thangami Safari Spa

The Beehive Caravan Park - Greytown

The Beehive

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Torwoodlea Lodge - New Hanover

Torwoodlea Lodge

Utrecht Balele Caravan Park - Utrecht

Utrecht Balale Caravan Park

034-331-4271 / 060-994-2524

Weenen Camp - Weenen


Wellvale Resort - Stanger

Wellvale Resort

Listing of Tented Camps

Below is a listing of Camp Sites that have pre-built Tents in the Central Region of the Kwazulu Natal Province.
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Msinsi Inanda Dam Resort - Hillcrest

Msinsi Inanda Dam Resort

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Msinsi Nagle Dam Resort

Msinsi Nagle Dam

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079-500-3189/ 063-346-9482

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