Eastern Cape – Baviaanskloof & Tsitsikamma

The Baviaanskloof and Tsitsikamma Region

The Baviaanskloof  - meaning "Valley of the Baboons" - is one of the World Heritage Sites located in the Eastern Cape.  It is a protected areas within the Cape Floral Region.  The region lies approximately 120km west of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The area comprises approximately 200 square kilometers of unspoiled, rugged, mountainous terrain.

Beginning in the east , the road leads through the rugged beauty of the Groot River Port, winding its way through pristine conservation areas, towards the town of Willowmore in the west The reserve is one of the largest wilderness conservation areas in the country where about 500,000ha of land, owned by the government and the private sector, is collaboratively managed by Eastern Cape Parks. It represents seven out of eight of South Africa's biomes, which are distinct ecological communities of plants and animals that live together in a particular climate. 

The valley was formed by the Breede River and is encircled by high mountains of the Cape Fold Belt.   Summers can be very hot, averaging 30+ºC from December to March.  and during the winter months, the valley is often colder than other seaward regions and snow is a regular occurrence on the surrounding mountains. Spring and autumn are transitional periods of variable rainfall, occasional light snow on the highest peaks and mild temperatures.

The Tsitsikamma region encompasses the Tsitsikamma National Park and the surrounding areas, It is a protected area on the Garden Route and consists of both a coastal reserve  and indigenous forests. It is also the start of the Otter Trail  The park covers an 80 kms  long stretch of coastline.

Nature's Valley is at the western end of the park, and the main accommodation is at Storms River Mouth. Near the park is the Bloukrans Bridge, the world's highest bridge bungee jump. The name Tsistsikamma originates from the Khoekhoe language meaning 'Clear Water'.  Other meanings are 'place of much water' and 'waters begin'.

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