Western Cape – Cape Town and Surrounds


Cape Town is the capital city of the the Western Cape Province.  It is also the legislative capital of South Africa.  The city is located on the Altantic Ocean with the iconic Table Mountain as its backdrop.  Cape Town or Kaapstad (Afrikaans) is jokingly referred to as Slaapstad, (Sleep town) as a reference to the laid-back lifestyle of its residents.

Towns and cities

The area is dominated by the City of Cape Town,  with smaller towns along the outskirts.  Milnerton to the north, Wellington to north-east, Gordon's Bay to the east and cape point to the south all fall within this region.

what to expect

This is a very vibrant city with lots for tourists to explore.  From majestic mountains, endemic floral kingdom, oceans and cosmopolitan lifestyles, there is something on offer for everybody

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