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Bass Haven
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Bass Haven Rustic Camp

Western Cape – Breede River Valley – Wolseley


Bass Haven Rustic Camp site is located just off the R43 between Worchester and Wolseley in the Western Cape.  The easiest route is via the N1 freeway.  After the tunnel and heading towards Worchester, look out for the turn-off towards Wolseley close to Rawsonville.  This is a short-cut to the R43.  Alternatively, drive through to Worchester and turn left onto the R43.  After 18kms, turn left onto the R101.  The entrance to the farm will be on your right.  The metal gate will open with a cell phone number passcode, which will be sent to you via sms from the camp site owner when you make a booking.  Continue along the farm road for approximately 4kms.  Turn left towards the river.  The camp site is located just on the edge of the river.

The drive from Cape Town to the camp site is approximately 120kms and will take approximately 1h30min.

Road Conditions

The roads to the farm are all tarred.  The roads within the farm itself are in a good condition, and can be driven with an SUV.  There is an alternative route to the camp site, but this should only be attempted with a 4x4 vehicle.


Currently there is only one site available.  The second site is currently being revamped and upgraded.

The site is large and is located close to the river’s edge.  The ground is not particularly level, so it will require a bit of fussing to find a good spot.  The site is very long and has the river on the one side and a row of trees along its longest sides.  The short side is for access and the other is where the facilities are located.

The site is a combination of grass and compacted sand.

The most prominent feature of the camp site is a large tent that spans over the communal kitchen area.  The tent is of a rectangular shape with the longest side open onto the camp site and facing the river.  There is a basin and a large concrete work surface located inside.  There is also a large table in the tent.


There is no electricity at this site.


There are no lights at this camp site, so make sure to bring your torches and lanterns.


The ablutions on the site are modern and very neat.  The bathroom is for the exclusive use of the campers on the site.  The ablution consists of a cistern, shower and basin.  The bathroom is tiled throughout with natural stone tiles.  Toilet paper is supplied.

Hot water is supplied to the bathroom via a donkey (a wood-fired boiler).  It is up to the campers to light the fire under the donkey in order to have hot water.


There is a tap located in the communal area inside the tent, however, the water is not drinkable.  It is a good idea to bring your own.


There is a large bin located in the pre-built tent of the camp site.

Washing up

The communal kitchen has a basin and a large work surface.  The basin does have a plug and hot water is supplied when the donkey has been lit.


The braai consists of a half barrel, which is large enough to braai a large amount of meat.  There are a number of braai grids available for use.  They are hung on the side of the tree located just outside the pre-built tent.

On our arrival, there was a huge pile of cut wood for us to use.  The wood came in very handy for both the braai and the donkey.  The braai was even stocked with kindling for us for our first braai.

Contact details

Telephone number: 076 258 8171/ 023 004 1209

e-mail: Jean-Maré



We camped at this camp site during the December holidays of 2018.  We struggled to find the camp site initially as the owner of the site had left for their holiday.  The neighbour was very helpful when directing us to the site though.

The layout of the site was well thought out when they designed it.  The tent, although slightly worn, was very helpful and provided some welcome shade during the day.  However, the tent is orientated with its open side facing west, which meant that the sun would bake into the tent in the afternoons.

The site is very isolated and quiet.  The river runs just in front of the camp site and it is easily accessible.  There are also large rocks on the one side of the river and everybody had fun clambering up and down them in an effort to access a different part of the river.

The men were enjoying the fishing.  The river was flowing nicely, but not strongly.  Even though the men pulled out quite a few carp, they weren’t very big.  This was probably due to the extensive draught that had just occurred, and the fish stocks were still replenishing themselves.  The fishing was fun, but not easy.

The peace and tranquillity were heavenly.  It was nice to have the entire site to ourselves.  We spent most of our time there doing as little as possible, going for leisurely walks around the farm, swimming in the river and generally lounging around.  Pure bliss.

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