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Boegoeberg 4x4 - Upper camp site
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Boegoeberg 4x4

Western Cape – Cederberg – Clanwilliam


Boegoeberg 4x4 is located approximately 225 km from Cape Town with a drive time of approximately 2h45m  and is easily accessible via the N7 freeway.  After travelling past the town of Citrusdal, take the Markuskraal exit. Continue along towards Markuskraal/Graffwater for approximately 17kms .  At the T-junction, turn right.  After approx. 7kms, turn left onto Jakkalsvlei road. When you see a blue sign "Nokkie se Hokkie" on top of a sink building on the left, you have found the turn-off to the camp site.  A 3,5km sand and gravel road will take you to the entrance of the camp site.

Road Conditions

The N7 highway is tarred, but once you turn off towards Markuskraal the road comes gravel.  The gravel road is in a good condition and is not a problem for any standard sedan.  However, the gravel road on the farm which leads to the camp site is tricky.  The road is bumpy and has patches of sand.  We did see campers navigate this road in their sedans, but the road is more suitable to 4x4’s and SUV’s.  The good news is that there is no need to deflate your tires.


The resort is terraced with a large swimming pool and dam forming the centre point.  There are a number of sites located higher up overlooking the swimming pool. These sites are not very large and are located under dense trees.  There is no grass and the ground consists of compacted soil.

The second terrace is on the same level as the swimming pool and the sites are located along the periphery of the dam.  It is advisable to bring along a gazebo or shade netting, as these sites tend to get very hot in summer.  These sites are grassed and some have trees along the one side.  The sites look directly onto the dam. If you have children and you would like to be close at hand for them, then these sites are ideal.  They are conveniently located close to the pool and the entertainment areas.

The third terrace is located just below the main sites.  Here the sites are very large and grassed, with trees planted along the periphery.  Some of the sites have a pre-built lattice boma for shade, while others have large trees affording some respite from the sun.  Bringing a gazebo along is a good idea none the less.  These sites are very large and can accommodate large groups.  If you are looking for space and peace, these are the ideal sites.


There are communal electrical boxes scattered around the sites.  The boxes on the first and second terrace are relatively close to the camp sites.  The boxes on the third terrace are very far apart, so an extension cord is a must.


There are no lights on the camp sites.  Campers will need to bring their own lanterns and torches.  There are lights located in and just outside of the ablution facilities.  These lights are not very bright and will not cause any light disturbances.  There are lights at the main entertainment area, but these are also switched off after 10pm.


There are three ablution blocks located within the resort.  They vary in size, but generally, they have two separate toilets and two bathrooms with a toilet, basin and a shower.  There is a smaller ablution block with only one toilet and one bathroom.

The ablution block on the upper terrace is supplied with hot water from a solar panel during the day and supplemented with a donkey (wood fired boiler) in the evenings.  The ablution block located on the lower terrace, although newer, is only supplied with hot water from a solar geyser.  This often leads to complaints from campers that there is no hot water in the evenings.  We were however informed on our last visit, that there are plans to have a donkey installed for these ablutions in the very near future.  The third, and smallest ablution facility on the middle terrace is only supplied with hot water from a solar geyser.

Toilet paper is supplied in the bathrooms.  The facilities are always kept clean and staff clean them daily.


Taps with drinkable water are scattered throughout the camp site.  There are also other taps with non-potable water around the camp site.  Please enquire on arrival which taps are for drinking or for irrigation purposes. There are also taps with drinkable water located in the ablution facilities.


Each site has its own bin.  There also additional dustbins located close to the swimming pool and around the entertainment area.  The bins are emptied daily.

Washing up

There is a basin for washing dishes located just outside the ablution facilities.  The basins are supplied with plugs.  There is also a drying area and a drying rack next to the basin.


There are numerous barrel braais available to campers.  They are moveable and can be placed anywhere on your camp site.  There are also larger barrel braais for larger groups that want to braai together.  There are no braai grids supplied, so remember to pack your own. Wood can be purchased at the shop.

On site

The main attraction is the very large swimming pool located in the middle of the resort.  The pool is filled with fresh spring water which runs off the nearby mountain.  The water is crystal clear and surprisingly not too icy.  The overflow from the pool goes into the adjoining dam.  This water is used for irrigating the camp site.  There are also fish in the dam and you will sometimes find campers sitting along the edge with their rods.

Facilities at the resort include:

  • A cold-water swimming pool
  • A small children’s pool
  • Inner tubes and pool noodles for fun in the pool
  • A shop which stocks most essential items as well as some homemade items and curios.
  • A bar
  • A restaurant
  • A large entertainment area located close to the swimming pool under beautiful old trees.
  • A hall that hosts sokies for the youth during high season
  • A volleyball court
  • 4x4 trails for off-road enthusiasts
  • Hiking trails
  • During the December school holidays, between Christmas and New Year, the resort hires staff that are dedicated to keeping the kids at the resort entertained with various fun activities and games

Contact details

Telephone number: 027 482 2933

e-mail:  Online booking



We spent 4 nights at Boegoeberg 4x4 over Christmas 2018.  We chose a site on the lower terrace of the resort. We were camping with friends, so the larger sites were ideal.  We camped as a family of 5 and the site was more than big enough for all of us.  The site was slightly sloped which made it a bit tricky to level our camping trailer.  The site was beautifully grassed and had its own wooden boma.  The large trees on the periphery of the site afforded us some shade in the mornings, but it became quite hot in the afternoon.  It would have been good to have put up a gazebo for some afternoon shade.  The camp site was very peaceful and quiet.

Previously, approximately 3 years ago, we camped at Boegoeberg 4x4 on the second terrace that overlooks the dam.  The site was smaller than the one we camped on this trip, but the site was very level.  The view over the dam made this site very special.  The site we chose on that occasion was also close to the entertainment area, which was a bit bothersome as people would constantly walk past our site on their way to the pool.

The swimming pool is the main attraction at this resort and we spent most of the day lounging there.  We also made use of the large tables in the entertainment area.  The shade under the large oak trees here is a welcome respite from the summer heat.  There are also drinks and ice creams available at the shop/bar and we all made full use of their offerings.

On our previous trip we also attempted the easier of the 4x4 routes.  The views across the Valley and towards the ocean are spectacular.  A map, the grading  and directions to the various 4x4 routes can be obtained from the owner.  Arrangements can be made for larger groups and are assisted by the owner of the resort.

We had a wonderful relaxing time at this resort and are likely to return here again in the future.

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