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Berg River Resort
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Berg River Resort

Western Cape – Cape Town and surrounds – Paarl


Berg River Resort is located approximately 60kms from Cape Town with a drive time of approximately 45 minutes, and is easily accessible via the N1 freeway or the R45 via Stellenbosch and Klapmunts.

Road Conditions

Roads to the resort, including the N1 highway and the roads from Stellenbosch and Franshoek are all tarred.  The entrance to the resort is a gravel road in excellent condition.  The roads within the resort are gravel and are also in an excellent condition.  The resort endeavours to keep the dust from the road to an minimum by regularly spraying the road with non-potable water.


There are more than 50 sites at the resort.  There are a variety of camp sites for tents and trailers and a specific section for caravans.  Most sites are located along the Berg River, which flows along the boundary of the resort.  The sites are long and rectangular with the short side facing towards the river.  Each site can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

The sites are relatively flat.  Most sites are located amongst large trees, providing ample shade. The ground consists mostly of compacted soil, and it is easy enough to hammer your tent pegs into the ground.  There is also ample grass and lawn on the less shady sites.

There are also very rustic sites towards the far end of the resort.  Here there is very little shade and the ground consists of hard compacted soil.  This area has not been irrigated, so there is no grass.  There is also no electricity or water supply to these sites.  Only self-sufficient campers should contemplate camping on these sites.  They are also located very far from the ablution facilities.


Electrical boxes with 4 standard plug points are strategically placed along the perimeter of the sites.  The electrical boxes provide electricity to 4 adjacent sites.  Depending on the site you choose, it would be advisable to bring a long extension cord along.

The designated caravan sites also share electrical boxes, but these are equipped with the standard blue caravan connection points.


A light has been placed on top of each of the electrical boxes.  This is very helpful when you are trying to set up camp after sunset.  The lights are not very bright, so do not cause any issues at night.  Bring your torches to help you find your way at night.

There are also lights at the ablution facilities, both inside and just outside the entrance doors.  These are also not bright.


There are several ablution blocks located within the resort.  Some are more modern than others.  Generally, there are three toilets, two showers and two basins per bathroom.  The ablutions are spacious enough to not feel too cramped when there are number of people using the facilities.  The more modern ablutions have nicer tiling, basins and cisterns. The bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis and were always in a good condition when we were there.

Hot water is supplied to the bathroom from electric geysers, so generally there is not an issue with the hot water supply.  Unless the resort is very busy, there is normally ample hot water for everybody.

When checking in at the resort, all campers are issued with a key to the ablution facilities.  There is a refundable deposit on the keys, so make sure you don’t loose them.  While we were camping here, the doors to the ablutions were generally left open during the day but were locked in the evenings.  We were camping out of season, so it is possible that they would be locked during the day during high season to discourage day visitors from using the facilities.  When checking in, you will also be given a roll or two of toilet paper, depending on the number of nights you will be staying at the resort and how many people will be on the site.  There is no toilet paper, soap or hand towel in the ablutions, so remember to bring these items when visiting the bathroom.


As with the electrical boxes, taps are located at the top end of the camp sites, closest to the road.  There is one tap per 4 sites and the water is drinkable.


The communal bins are also located close to the electrical boxes and are shared amongst 4 sites.  The bins are emptied every morning.

Washing up

A washing up basin located just outside the ladies’ ablution facilities.  There is only one basin with hot and cold water.  There was no plug when we visited the resort, so make sure to bring your own.  There is also a drying area adjacent to the basin, so it is a good idea to bring along your drying rack.  The washing up area is also cleaned on a regular basis.

There are deeper basins located just outside the men’s ablution facilities for laundry washing.  There are also no plugs for these basins, so remember to bring your own.  There are also no washing lines that we were able to see.  It would therefore advisable to bring a washing line or drying stand for any wet washing you may have.


Each site has its own braai.  The braai is circular in shape and looks like it was made from a sawed-off barrel.  It is not very large, but more than adequate for cooking a couple of chops and a boerewors sausage at a time. There are no braai grids supplied, so make sure to bring your own.  Wood can be purchased at reception.

On site

There are numerous facilities at the resort to keep every member of the family happy and busy:

  • Large cold-water swimming pool
  • Putt-putt course
  • Water slide (which operated during high season and on weekends)
  • Large pick nick area for visitors
  • Petting zoo with farm animals
  • Games room
  • Convenience shop which is stocked with essentials
  • Large inner tubes can be hired at the resort for a leisurely float down the river. This is a very popular activity.  The cost of renting an inner tube is quite high, so many people just bring along and use any type of flotation device, including blow-up mattresses, rings and chairs.
  • Fishing is permitted in the river. However, the people floating down the river often conflict with the fishermen’s lines.  We suggest that fishing would probably be best done out of season when the resort is quiet.
  • Access control at the entrance to the resort
  • 24 hour security with regular patrols of the resort by security staff
  • The resort is a close drive from Stellenbosch and Franschoek. This makes this resort a great starting point for a visit to the surrounding wine farms.

Contact details

Telephone number: 021 007 1852

e-mail: or bookings can also be made directly from their website



We camped as a family of 8 people at the beginning of February 2019 for a quick weekend break.  The resort staff were very accommodating about having so many people on the site.  We were camping with a camper trailer and two small dome tents and the camp site was more than adequate to fit all of us.  The reception staff are very friendly and organised.  We camped there 4 years prior and they had no problem finding our contact details on their booking system

We chose a camp site amongst the trees and it was wonderful to have so much shade during the hot afternoons.  The site also looks directly onto the river and the sunrises over the mountains were beautiful.  There was also a pathway that led directly to the river when the day got too hot and a dip in the river was called for.

The children had a wonderful time and we hardly saw them during the day.  They were kept busy floating down the river, swimming in the pool, sliding down the water slide and playing putt-putt.  The only time we really saw them was when hunger and thirst drove them back to camp.

The resort was surprisingly busy even though we camped out of season.  The weekend promised spectacular weather and many people had the same idea as us.  The proximity of the resort to Cape Town makes it ideal for a quick break.  The resort is very busy during the December and Easter school holidays, so remember to book early.  Personally, we prefer to camp at more remote camp sites and although it was great for a quick weekend break-away, I am doubtful that we would camp there during high season when the resort is packed and day visitors flock to use the resort’s facilities.



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  1. Good day. I hope that you can assist us a couple of friends with 4″ children under the age of 13 that would like to camp 27December to 3 January. Hope you hear from you soon.

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