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Warmwaterberg Spa

Western Cape - Klein Karoo - Barrydale

Warmwaterberg spa is located on route 62 , approximately 29 kms from the town of Barrydale.  You will find the turn-off the the resort just after the famous (or infamous) Ronnie's Sex Shop.  It is about three and a half hours drive from Cape Town.  Take the N1 until you reach the town of Worcester.  Turn right onto the R60 until you reach the town of Ashton.  The road heads straight towards Montagu, but changes to the R62.  Continue on the R62 until you pass through the town of Barrydale.  Just after Ronnie's Sex Shop on the right, the turn off to the camp site is on your left.

There are 23 camping stands at this resort.  16 stands have electricity connection points, while the other 7  do not.  There is a large private stand which has been fenced off with reeds.  There are a number of terraced sites that are close together.  These are mostly level, grassed and have a few trees.  The other stands are spread out around the resort.  Some sites are located under thorn trees, so keep your plakkies handy.

Each stand has it’s own electrical point with standard domestic sockets.

There is a communal ablution blocks, with basins and showers.  The bathrooms are sparce, old fashioned and cramped.  The interesting feature here is that there is only one tap by the basins and in the showers, as the hot spring water is piped directly to the bathrooms. The water is always at just the right temperature.  There are also two seperate rooms with sunken roman baths that guests can fill themselves.  The rooms are quite dark and old fashioned though.  There are also 5 toilet cubicles located outside the bathrooms.

There are two wash basins outside the toilet cubiles for washing your dishes.  It is very basic and the dishes can be stacked onto the wall to dry.  We suggest you bring your own drying racks.

There are a few loose braai drums scattered around the camp site for use by campers.  You may even find some with a braai grid, but we suggest you rather bring your own braai grid, just in case.

On site
2 large hot mineral water pools (only for use by adults and older children)
1 large cold water pool
A small splash pool for the little ones
Shop that stocks all the basic essentials, including ice and wood
A bar
A bottle store
A large entertainment hall for parties, which also houses a table tennis table and pool tables.
Hiking trails

Road conditions

Route 62 is tarred and in a good condition.  At the turnoff to the spa, there is a 3,4km dirt road in relatively good condition.

The reception staff are friendly and always willing to chat.  You are given a hand drawn map on arrival, which indicates your camp site and the facilities on offer.
The restaurant offers good, value-for-money food, and the bar is great for sundowners.
The water at the resort is slightly brown in colour due to the high iron content of the water.  
The Roman baths, although sounding very romantic, take some getting used to.  They are dark and old and the grey paint on the walls does not add much to the ambiance. You also need to walk through a warren of passages to access them.
It is rather quaint to see peacocks and chickens roaming freely among the campers.
There is a lovely, short hike up the hill behind the resort, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding karoo landscape.

Contact Details
Telephone: 028 572 1609
email:  book@warmwaterbergspa.co.za

It has been way to long since last we have been to this site.  We really need to revisit this one soon.

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